Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back in the 83440!

It's back to school again. That lovely time of year. We are quite excited for our new place. It's literally across the street from campus which makes going to campus that much easier. We have been blessed with snow and SUNSHINE lately. Roger loves this time of year and i rather not bundle up everywhere I go but it is a beautiful place. So from the many requests of our is our new crib!

Thank goodness for so many awesome wedding presents that set us up with such a great beginning!

My parents donated a lot of furniture. Thank you Mom & Dad Dickson!

Hope you all are doing great and good luck with school, work, and other adventures!

The Tunks


  1. Oh my goodness! Cute apartment! I'm not gonna lie, when I read "crib," I thought you were having a baby! SO funny :)

  2. Alisha your apartment is SOO cute! i think you need to come over and improve mine ;) haha was good seeing you at church today, I look forward to bumping into you guys again next week :)

  3. Such a cute place! I love Rexburg.