Monday, December 27, 2010

Hunting Trip

The boys get away for a luxury hunting trip at the Treo Ranch. Home cooked meals, fire places, hot tubing, and plenty to pheasants to hunt. They obviously had a blast. They shot over 30 birds. Guess i better learn how to cook them?!

Family is awesome. End of story. We are going to miss our families in Oregon!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

It's Christmas time...

Put up the lights,
Get the tree,
Stir up the hot cocoa,
Turn on the holiday movies,
Snuggle in the covers,
Surround yourself with loved ones,
And enjoy the celebration of Christ's birth...
It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

We love our LIVE tree... one that we will plant at my parents house and be able to see it as our first-Christmas-together-tree. I think it's a pretty good idea.

Roger and I went with our family to get their Christmas tree.

We went to a nursery and got a live tree. I water it every day and though it's kind of a big Charlie Brown looking tree.... it's still cute.

Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving (gobble gobble)

Holidays are the best! Roger and I are so lucky because we have all of our family really close by. For this last Thanksgiving we spent time at my parents house. Lots of great food, games, gifts and good company. We sure have A LOT to be thankful for....

This last Sunday we also had to give talks in church on "gratitude". It was a be blessing for me to take time to research this because it touched me. It made me think about the many blessings I receive everyday. One story I have to share from my talk...well... because its awesome...

Elder Marion D. Hanks shares a story about a boy and his mother, who knew the value of expressing gratitude:

He says, “I sat at a stake conference where a returned missionary bore his testimony. He had but a short time and he chose to use one idea. He thanked God for a great, humble mother, and gave his reason. He said that as a high school boy, he [had] been sorely tried by the illness and then death of his little sister whom he had loved greatly and who had been the darling of the family, being the last of them. Their father had died. The little girl grew ill, and in spite of prayers and administrations and fasting and much concern, worsened and died in the night. The boy went into his room, locked the door, and sobbed out his broken heart to the walls because he was not willing to do it to the God whom he could not now honestly approach. In his rebellion and anger at a God, if there were one, who would permit such a thing to happen to them, he cried out in rebellion. He said he would never pray again, would never go to church again, and could never have any confidence again in a God who would permit this to happen. And in his immature but sincere sorrow, he made some rather serious covenants with himself. He stayed awake the rest of the night, apprehensive about an experience he anticipated. It was their custom, as it is in so many, though not enough, Latter-day Saint homes, to kneel morning and evening with the children around the mother, to thank God for the goodness of his blessings.

“He waited for that moment, knowing what he had to say, but fearing it. When his mother said, ‘Come, children,’ he said, ‘No.’

“She said, ‘Kneel down, son.’

“He said, ‘No, I will not kneel down, and I will never kneel down again.’

“She said, as I remember his words and I was deeply touched as were we all. ‘Son, you’re the oldest child in this home. You are the only man in the house, and if I ever needed a man, I need one now. You kneel down.’

“He knelt down, still rebellious, but because his mother, the idol of his heart, needed him, and he began for the first time to think in terms of her broken heart and her sorrow. So he knelt, but he said to himself, ‘I wonder what she’s going to thank God for this morning.’ And his mother, knowing as she must have, the questions in his mind and the minds of the other children, taught them the gospel on their knees that morning. She thanked God for what the family knew, for the blessing of eternal ties, for direction and purpose and guidance and convictions as to the future. She thanked God that they had been blessed with this wonderful, angelic child who had brought so much to them and who was to be theirs, always. And out of her mother’s heart, knowing the desperate, critical nature of the moment, taught her own children what there was to thank God for under conditions of such stress.

“As the boy stood, a successful, dedicated Latter-day Saint who had filled an honorable, difficult mission, he thanked God for a mother who was a heroine.” (Heroism, Brigham Young University Speeches of the Year [25 Mar. 1959], 3–4).



Friday, November 12, 2010

Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada: beautiful, scenic, and serene.

What a fabulous time we had with Keith and Katherine for our weekend trip to Canada. It was my first time to Canada and had a blast. Such clean crisp air... reminded me a lot of Oregon actually.There were some fantastic trails along rivers and lakes.

And had the cutest little shops and got some great souvenirs!

Pretty cool being close to where all the Olympic athletes train!

Yes....We're still newlyweds. ;)

I just love my in-laws!

Thanks for keeping up with us!

The Tunks

Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Mexican Cruise Honeymoon!

Roger and I left after our reception for a week long cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta.

The cruise ship (Mariner of the Seas) had a million things to do on it like... ice skating, rock climbing, pools, hot tubs, games, mini golf, late night self-serve ice cream, dances, movies, game shows, and all sorts of entertainment. We had two nights where we dressed up. All the other nights were pretty causal. No matter what our dinners were fantastic every night! And eating during the sunset isn't too bad either. ;)

In Cabo... We walked around the pier, looked through the shops, and enjoyed the views. We had lunch at Senior Frogs. We spent 8 dollars for a bike ride into town and later realized how we got ripped off... I guess thats what you get for being an American tourist. Haha.

In Mazatlan...We took a trip around town to the main tourist sights. This was worth the cost for us to be able to sit back and relax as we learn about its culture. It was so nice on our cruise ship that after the tour we were ready to cool off at the pool and hit the buffet (Roger's FAVORITE part of the trip).

In Puerto Vallarta... The weather was gorgeous. We took a bus ride tour along the beach. I think we both felt the safest in this area and could see ourselves going back here. The sand castles and figures the locals made were crazy! In the afternoon we went on a zipline across the rainforest. The views were INCREDIBLE! Roger and I even rode UpSiDe DoWn! It was a blast. Then we finished the day on the beach to wade in the ocean and relax. This was the same beach that Night Of The Iguana was filmed.

In the end, we had a blast and are so thankful we went. If you're thinking about booking a cruise.... DO IT! You're waited on hand and foot and who doesn't enjoy that?!

The Tunks