Thursday, February 24, 2011

West Yellowstone

After an extremely busy week, a group of us decided that a weekend getaway to Yellowstone would be fantastic. We spent Sunday and Monday relaxing, watching movies, swimming and hot tubing, and exploring this cute little town. It was a blast! (Congrats to Ry & Yance that tied the knot Saturday! Can't wait to see pictures!)

Thanks for an amazing trip! Even if Janel got a cut on her forehead and my feet froze!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

Yes, I know that some people hate this "excuse for a holiday" or "single awareness day" but I like celebrating it anyways. For me this holiday is a good excuse to let the people you love feel well... loved!

I want my husband to know that he is truly amazing and so good to me. He is without a doubt my best friend! Thank you for the breakfast in bed, the adorable candle light dinner and my flower! Thank you for making it the best Valentines day ever.

I just wanted to take this post to tell our friends and family that we love you. We are truly blessed! There is no way that we would be where we are without the much love and support we have. Thank you!